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I made it all the way. One of my favorites, of course, is #32. Happy Birthday to you tomorrow. Celebrate well--sounds like you know how.


I've never seen so much worthy advice in one place. 29/30 has a certain timely appeal, but the rest are pure gold too.
Mazal tov on a life richly examined and still worth living!
Till 120.


Brilliant wisdom! Except for #12 which is evil. Wishing the best of birthdays to my former Michael Reese nursery mate. Is there still any chance we were accidentally switched in the fall of 1959? I want in on all the good Gottlieb genes...


Oh no, I get to know about your birthday when it's already passed.
What do they say in this case? "Happy belated birthday"!

You were born October 6, right? I should be able to keep it in mind since my youngest was born on the same day.

I very much like n.43: Never be afraid to start something new.


Happy b-day- and for next yr, too, if i'm late for that one.

I counter #49 w/ #46. You are loved.

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