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Richard Lawrence Cohen

Mazel tov to you both, David. You're living an ideal to look up to.


Beautiful. You two are role models for couples everywhere. Even more exquisite because you're NOT perfect...

Cheryl Singleton

As always m'dear, well said. Love and best wishes to you both.

Andy kuchins

Congrats on the 16 years and the accrual of considerable wisdom. I too had a "training marriage" and struggle to find the exit from the doghouse--so far mostly trap doors to dungeons...

sail on

Kudos & mazel tov; glad you did not listen to me at Mom & Dad's 50th anniversary dinner. Interesting, 30 was the watershed end of marriage #1 for both of us, bro. So if 2 is good, does that make 3 even better? ;-)


Happy Anniversary. It's good they let you stop bussing tables for a few minutes to dance with your wife. (Or were you playing in the orchestra?)

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