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Damn. Despite the wildly changing world and the need for you to manage your time more carefully, I will miss your perspective on all things great and small. But glad that you'll still be around from time to time.


Maybe you'll miss writing like you do in this space and not be able to leave for such anticipated lengths of time?

Today we trimmed the feet of our cows(52 of them x four). It's a dangerous& time-consuming job- not to mention dirty in the most organic way. It involves haltering obstinate cattle and risking getting pinned to the steel pipes(or kicked, butted, dragged or tromppled)(oh, and stepped on!)- moving them into the gates against a table that tilts them on their side, it's the back of his pick-up- and then the hooftrimmer chains their feet and trims them up w/an electric grinder, only there are knives involve(&i can't imagine what you are picturing!!)

It may seem such a chage of topics- i mention this only because- after such a tiring day- i am here and i just read the most beautiful post about the sun i think i shall ever read and feel so connected to the Jewish faith and-- this is why am still awake.

I, too- shall miss you. Yet, i totally understand. Enjoy life, David!!!

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