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Richard Lawrence Cohen

One of my favorite views. Have a great climb!


I'm really glad that Gabe is fine and the venous BillyBob is history.

My son is now 16 and just got his license about two weeks ago. His Dad had gotten him a Toyota 4-Runner- '97, black w/tinted windows(it's soooo cute)and i'm kinda freaking out about how fast time has gone and the fact that he's pretty much functioning on his own, now. He'd had medical issues that, though not too serious- caused me to be more ~protective~ of him that his quite intimidating older sister- or even his little sisters, w/a Dad here at home to create a completed family.

Anyway, it's just hard watching them move out and about in their own direction- long, hairy legs and all. I try not to dwell upon it- it's just the nature of things, i guess.

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