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In recent years, despite its tabloid size, the Rocky had become clearly the superior, more serious paper in town. Consistent, strong leadership was the key. The Post has gone through editors at a fierce clip as long as I've been around Denver(21 years). Although that has stabilized somewhat recently, the paper has no edge, and seems to prefer easy "kill your baby" stories to tough, investigative reporting. There are notable exceptions to that rule, but the Post today is weak. And its survival is in serious question as well. The Post did hire seven or eight of the Rocky's top people, which should help. Of course, the week before the Rocky's demise (in retrospect, in anticipation of it), the paper laid off six senior managers, and got unions to agree to steep pay cuts. So I wouldn't be surprised if the new arrivals weren't welcomed with open arms.

BTW, it's 149 years. The Rocky would have celebrated its 150th birthday this summer.




As someone who worked at the Denver Post, albeit briefly, I have to disagree with Ally there. Every person I met from the Rocky's newsroom was rude, bitter, and had the world's largest chip on their shoulder. The Post wasn't perfect, it had the same problems of every big newsroom in the country -- hostilities, layoffs, not enough people to go around -- but it got the job done and took itself seriously.

I am a Denver Post girl, and always will be. But this is a loss, most definitely.


I worked at the Post for nine years, during some of the most pitched battles of the newspaper war. It was a slugfest, and we hated each other in a theoretical and collegial way. Rude, bitter, chip on shoulder: that's not just the Rocky, that's almost every newsroom, from time immemorial. And that's what made newspaper newsrooms such great places to work.

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