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Steve Yastrow

Another great post, David. Sound is, to me, one of the things that can engage me in the present moment.

I got a lot out of A New Earth. But I must remind you that you teased me about quoting Tolle in my last book. (Hey, now I feel a little better)

Steve Yastrow

Why does typepad make commenters type the weird number/letter code in to comment on your blog? Are they afraid some porn bot will leave some Spinozza spam on your blog?

Danny Miller

Great post. I've read Tolle's books, too, despite the Oprah pop culture obsession. I don't remember that definition of "ego" but I like it.

As a Chicagoan who left in 1986, however, it took me a long time to get that you were climbing the Standard Oil Building. What is this Aon nonsense?

P.S. to Steve: Yes on the spam masquerading as legitimate comments. I delete such stuff every day and they're getting better and better at disguising commercial pitches as the musings of real people.

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