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This is something I've thought about a lot. I'm all for supporting kids' efforts and giving them praise but I couldn't agree more with the unintended negative results of the "you are special" generation. I'm not a huge fan of trophies or other extrinsic rewards in general, but I'm especially repulsed by the crazy over-use of such tactics and I do think it leads to a certain level of smug mediocrity.

Just saw my daughter in a production of "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown" last night. She was fantastic as Snoopy (forgive me, but she was!) but some of the kids in the lead roles could literally not sing a note. Not. A. Single. Note. I get it, children's theatre, it's about the experience, but this was supposedly the company's "master class" that you have to audition to get into. It is NOT doing some of these kids a favor to put them in lead roles that are totally over their heads and to let them think they're great (not to mention the torture it provides for the adults who go see them). I think there's a kind, kid-appropriate way to deal with such situations. God help those kids when they hit the real world.

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