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MOVIES? Some of the students were watching MOVIES on their laptops? Seriously? I don't think I'd survive very long as a college professor because the first time I saw any such activity during class I'd probably grab the cell phones, iPods, and computers and hurl them against the wall. Then there'd be a ton of lawsuits against the school and I'd get fired.


The question is--Osmosis. Does stuff filter through in spite of all these seeming barriers to absorption of information? As a college freshman (1000years ago) I doodled obsessively, wrote letters to friends (i.e. the man who later became your father), and still remember having a stimulating, informative learning- filled time. Ah, youth!

Charlie (Colorado)

Every time I read someone saying something about "these kids today", I think "wow, haven't I heard that before?"

A little research, and you can generally find it 30 years ago, 300 years ago, and 3000 years ago.

You know, if the world has been going to hell in a handbasket for this long, maybe handbaskets aren't that efficient a means of transportation.


It is mostly the professor's responsibility to keep the students interested.


I'm sure a lot goes ~in~. It's just a shame, the stuff that's most likely ~left out~. At financial cost.

And, isn't it too bad that(now i'm a tax-paying adult w/kids) everything boils down to the almighty $$$$?

I see you're now into Christianity? Is it too weird?

charlotte gordon

I love your blog. I am a professor and have been complaining to myself and my friends about the feeling I get in the classroom these days. I do not blame the students. I blame myself. Why can't I reach them? And I took such comfort from reading William of Conches. Also, I think you are a terrific writer! I am a fan of this blog, now.


Charlotte: honored and thrilled that you're a fan!

Take solace from the fact that teaching has been hard forever. Or at least, for 860 years!

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