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Moses Mendelssohn speaks to you, indeed. He is telling you why you are commuting 60 miles a day: because there's no substitute for having a living, breathing, talking, thinking teacher teach you. And why you may become a teacher yourself, which is the reward for you, for the teacher, and for those whom you will teach.


how I can possibly add or derive anything valuable from this humbling, exhausting, exhilarating experience.

You know what? You already have.

David C

I've been following your plunge into D-school with interest, as I hope to (someday soon) take a similar plunge into reb school. I look forward to the continued adventures!

I cracked open "God in Search of Man" recently and was just reading Heschel's brief aside about Mendelssohn yesterday, which was actually more a passing critique of Spinoza (foundation on which AJH claims Mendelssohn wrongly stakes "Jerusalem"). Just thought I would point you to that source—and its sources—if it was relevant. See the notes on Ch. 2 of GISOM for details.

Shana tova umtukah,


David: Many thanks. I return often to Heschel, and will return to GISOM to look at the notes to Chap. 2, on your recommendation.

Good luck w/Reb school, and G'mar Chatima Tova!

Richard Lawrence Cohen

And yet Mendelssohn's ideas only survive through his writings. (We even say, "Mendelsshn said" when we mean "Mendelssohn wrote...") Nevertheless, his warnings do sound prescient.

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