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I will take your comments as toungue in cheek and fueled by a (perhaps) innocent ignorance.

But for the sake of clarity and your edification, I would like to point out that the rabbi on the faculty of Ave Maria University is a strong supporter of one of the school's core themes: "Fides et Ratio" (Faith and Reason), which is a papal exortation from John Paul II to reject faith apart from reason and reason apart from faith.


Dear "Resident":

Your staff rabbi, and perhaps the aforementioned pope, no doubt have read Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, one of whose penetrating quotes on the topic you mention appears directly beneath the title of this blog.


Yes, your sub-title quotation was the precise reason I made mention of Fides et Ratio. I wanted to draw your attention to the premium both you and Ave Maria University place on reason.



Ah. Understanding slowly dawns on me.

While I hope it's clear that I mean no disrespect to Catholicism (after all, in my post, I note that Jews were its founders), I confess it was hard to see Ave Maria as an institution founded (and located) on the basis of reason, any more than it would have been to see, say, the locations of Salt Lake City or Machu Picchu that way.

Say what you will about those locations -- that they're inspired, or visionary, or just scenic -- it's hard to argue that reason played a big role, and reason, at least from a real estate person's perspective, seems not to have been the major motivating factor in the founding and site selection for Ave Maria.

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