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Remember the story about Paloma, at age 4, in the grocery checkout line behind a midget? She says to the midget, "How come you're so little? Where's your mommy? Do you wear diapers?" Maybe it's in our innocence that we are gawkingly curious about others who are different. There's also a famous midget who's an opera singer. He can only do concert operas because of his appearance, but what a voice comes out of that little body! He's German, 1st name is Thomas, last name begins with Q, but can't remember it. He has, with the support of his family, transcended the limit that Nature put on him. So---do you liberate Little Linda if you remove her livelihood?



Mom: His name is Thomas Quasthoff. The late Ed Bradley did a piece on him for 60 minutes a few years back. It may be slightly different if someone very different has a skill that can be shared, and if they're not being stared at merely for the oddity of their physical stature.

And I did point out in my post that Little Linda was, after all, making a living and wasn't chained to the tiny sofa on which she sat.



As regards summer camps, American children seem to spend most of their holidays away from their parents/family. I find that weird (my culture is different).


I just stumbled on this entry via Google ... I saw Little Linda at the State Fair as well. My roommate and I expected some kind of joke or set-up (like when the Man-eating chicken is just some dude with a bucket of KFC) but nope, there was Linda -- texting away on her cell phone.

We were both surprised and I think our sentiments were much like yours. Even if she was consenting and it was a transaction, I'm not thrilled that the state of Wisconsin sanctioned this kind of "attraction", so to speak.

Anyways, you've got at least two new members. :)


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