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Dude, misanthropy is even easier in an age of cell phones, IMs and the like. Those damned people won't ever leave me alone now, AND I've got to constantly listen to them chattering away to imaginary friends in public places. Misanthropy won't go out of style until there are no more people.


Outis, thanks for visiting.

Do I really want to be left alone, I wonder? Or do I want all this crap, and all these noisy people, around so I can indulge my misanthropy?

RW Rogers

Not sure about the answers, but Gabe sure sounds like he is very "well-centered."


Outis is very right on one point: misanthropy is becoming easier. These folks who are spending all their time on cell phones amd IM and texting will just ignore anyone who doesn't participate. Which means we can ignore them in return with a lot less effort than it used to take to avoid interacting with people who were actually paying attention to the world (and people) around them.

As for what to do with our own kids, I think just dragging them (kicking and screaming, no doubt) away from their toys now and again will be a good start. And just think: now there is an alternative punishment to "go to bed without dinner": "no cell phone or Internet until tomorrow!" There's something that would grab a kid's attention.


I think instantly of my two oldest kids- 16&15- who are forever texting. Esp my 16yr old daughter. Her damned cell phone is never still- always vibrating. It is impossible for her to do anything w/out it: homework, conversation, work. THAT'S what scares me about the constant need of them; there's no silence for thinking, anymore. It drives me bonkers(their Dad got them cell phones, btw. I guess it's a good idea.)

OTOH, they don't seem to have ~imaginary~ friends that talk to them, like i do!! I'm carrying on daily to my ~physically present~ friends& family and am, for the most part- ignored as making stuff up, like- the legitimacy of anything i say gotten from *here* is questionable. It's like living in parallel worlds. I can't give up my friends here because i love them(you).

It's weird, isn't it? I remember telling Amba about how personal everything seems in blogs- so much sharing of feelings, opinions, info. It kinda freaked me out. It must be a sign of the times that i accept it as ~normal~, now. :0).

I love my blog friends.

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