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"And I couldn't grow a weed without fertilizer."

How you make me laugh and remember. Think you and my Dad would have gotten along. When asked by his sister (who was visiting in our first home that was ours and not rented,) what he planned to do with the garden he replied, "Sit in it, and cultivate dandelions". My Dad was a city boy too.

I'm of a generation who remember how to grow potatoes (store them for winter) carrots, peas, lettuce, radishes, loads of stuff; and have in-built recipes for left-overs; because that is what I saw my parents do. And both my grandmothers were farmers daughters, who supplemented family rations during both 1st and 2nd world wars by cultivating their own veg gardens.

I'm not a pioneer of anything, but it does worry me that we have moved so far away from the knowledge necessary to live from the land.

Maybe Divinity and Land Cultivation are not that far apart really. Sowers of souls and reapers of men. And women too off course.


Your grandfather's father was an overseer on some Russian guy's estate,unusual for a Jew. He used to tell me about pressing olives and making cheese because I loved to hear about that; Your grandfather always loved the idea of having fruit trees or some sort of produce, and finally managed it, sort of, when they lived in Palm Springs. I, too had a yen for farm life; city kid, living across the street from Lincoln Park, I used to listen, as you did, to the the farm reports. Loved that they talked about wheat at 12 1/2 cents a bushel--the words almost made me feel as if I'd eaten some. So could it be genetic?? I like it that you will plant some stuff this year. It's deeply satsifying.


I like that you like farming- i can see you as a kid. You're way more dedicated than i am- the only thing we never miss is the weather, which is very cool and wet right now so we can't start haying.

I'm really bad at sending pics, etc; but, now that i know this about you- i will send you pics of my favourite cows. They are so beautiful, their heads are gigantic!!! I went to a bull stud in Pennsylvania once and got to touch a famous bull. They are HUGE!!! His name was Cal-Clark Board Chairman(lmao, aren't you a chairman, too?) He was amazing.

ok-- i'll stop now. I could rave about my cows forever... as i sit here smelling like one and praying that iodine dip doesn't cause some sort of cancer as my hands are stained yellow...

Hey, check out I'm not sure if that is the actual address, but it makes organic yogurt and i worked there for about 4yrs. My Dad did, too.

Divinity& cows. Of course there's a connection(you have to have the patience of Job to work w/them :0))

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