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Plus, writing poetry could help, too.

Charlie (Colorado)

Wow. And I thought I was just ranting.


This is so well said, and I SO relate to that first paragraph, damn it! Oh, and count me in as one of the people who is jealous about your current life decisions, not threatened or surprised. But jealous "in a good way," in an inspiring way where you become a role model for me in terms of taking risks in my own life. I just hope I don't start living vicariously through you like something out of an Ingmar Bergman movie. The first scene of my screenplay about my breakdown where I start to over-identify with the Gottliebs (start?) will take place in the dimly lit maternity floor of Michael Reese Hospital where we were born so close together. I just hope it doesn't end in a padded room at that same hospital where I'm wondering why I don't have the password to get onto "my" True Ancestor blog.

Anyway, thanks for sharing these feelings, I'll try not to make every stage of your process all about ME (oy, it's starting already!).

sail on

Love you just as you are. My grumpy & brilliant bro.


Danny- i'm in stitches.

I meant ~Amen~ to the prayer:
"With the aid of my Zen training, I hereby rededicate myself to making peace with the Unsatisfactory. And, with the anchor of my Jewish soul and all to which it answers, I resolve to make peace with the Unsatisfactory by slowly, persistently, challenging it."

(Thin skin is a good sign in a cow. They tend to be great producers. Old wives tale, but it's fun to test it.)

Very nice poem, 2:0).


Karen: Thanks. And thanks for suggesting poetry. Very therapeutic ;)

And, Din: thank you too.

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