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Mazel tov! We're both going to be students :) Perhaps we can share the trials and tribulations, eh? I'll be happy to watch you grow as a student, and I hope we can help each other stay sane!

Avi aka TikkunGer



YES!!!! I am happy, happy, happy for you and for your whole family (including us!). We shall all be with you in this journey and will share in the wonders of it.


Glad you decided to do it.

Steve Yastrow

Will you figure out how to post from your Treo before school starts, so we can immediately read the amazing stories you are going to discover? I sense that this story is only the minor footnote on page one of a yet-to-be-written epic work. (Can the footnote on page 59 include a description of these two guys explaining the feminine nature of the shekina?)

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