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Bravo. I've seen many examples of this hysteria in emails sent to me by my more conservative relatives. They all paint a very fearful picture of how an Obama presidency would bring doom and gloom to Israel. I can't stand false cries of racism, but I can't help but feel a thread of subtle racism throughout these emails, and an inability to believe that an African-American man could ever support Israel in the way that our white Big Daddy Christian Republicans have. I can understand why people would strive to understand Obama's views and positions, but I wish these attacks weren't so full of fear-mongering. The last one I received lost me in the first paragraph when it mentioned "Jimmy Carter's very public campaign of vilification against Israel." Disagree with Carter's last book if you like, cousins (it might be a good idea to read it first), but tone down the rhetoric if you want anyone but the choir to hear you.


Come on Jewish people! Remember how we joined in the march for civil rights? Barack Obama mentioned that in the debate on Tuesday night. He has not forgotten.

It is natural for Jewish people to be fearful after holocausts, pogroms and such. But it is time to let go of the fear and open up to a person who does is not afraid of speaking to our enemies. The status quo certainly is not helping Israel right now. We need something new and different.

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