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Charlie (Colorado)

Hmm. Caused more trouble than I meant to when I was trying to disagree respectfully, another example of my famous diplomatic skills.

On the "Buddhist" thing --- I don't mean that to tie you to a lineage etc, but to note that you're someone who knows. I'll revise in my blog momentarily. In any case, renouncing Buddhism is a good Buddhist thing to do too.

On the big stuff thing, though, I guess my thoughts haven't completely come together, suggesting this five part series may grow more parts. The basic thing, though, is that whether they're "big troubles" or "little annoyances", they all arise from the illusion of apparent permanence in conditioned existence. So they can't really be Big Stuff because fundamentally not one thing exists.


That's all right, Charlie. I'll just sit here in the dark that doesn't exist.

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