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sail on

I got on Facebook because my daughter insisted I should be on it and is proud for me to see that she has over 400 "friends". (Mind you, she's about a decade older than your daughters.) I have a pathetically small number of friends, mainly siblings, nieces, nephews, my daughter's boyfriend and several of daughter's high school buddies. These people all invited me, not the reverse. It's touching (even if largely meaningless) when the women who were once teens I threw out of the house for unapproved parties with my daughter asked to be my "friends". I know, it's all about the body count . . .


Well, David, pod-mate of old and former times, I am so glad you're my friend on Facebook! So glad! For you were the first to find my blog! You have a special place in my Cyber-heart.


And Tamara, my dear, you have a special place in my heart, as well! You can go on Facebook and throw a sheep at me any old time!

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