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50. That's a big one. Hope she has a happy day.


50 is TOUGH. It really is "the death of youth," as I called it in a few aggrieved, astonished essays I wrote when I was about 52. (I think Naomi Margolis has the only copy of them. I'll have to get it back and retype and post them.) Men go through a slightly more muted version of it, maybe, but they go through it too.

G. should only know she is not alone; nobody likes this one. I had a party in Florida and made everybody bring a dance tape. I figured if I couldn't dance I didn't want to live. You do get through this, but it takes a few years. Then it's amazing how much energetic life you still have left, but it definitely ain't youth and death is definitely in sight, if still in the distance.


Whoa, wait a minute. Gabe has a girlfriend???

(Well, there goes your other anxiety dream, anyway.)


If you ask me, she makes 50 look BEAUTIFUL.


Happy Birthday to the One True Wife! And God love her for being okay with all this sharing. Now I wish you'd post some more pictures of your cool family.

Oy, Gabe has a girlfriend? When I started reading your blog, he seemed so young, why are these years racing by so fast? Here's looking towards 50 (which will be here VERY soon for me...and you)!


Please let your One True Wife know how beautiful(& thin) she still is and that-- her 50 kicks my 40's assterisk(i'm a snapdragon: lost my snap& the rest is dragon).

She's the new 30. Hope she dances all night :0).

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