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I'll miss your words and esp your thoughts, David.

I sincerely(from the bottom of my red-neck-ed heart)hope mr.G can still find time to maybe put down his philosphy 'cause- it'd be really hard to lose both of you.

Enjoy your ~Freedom~- lol.


Normally when bloggers I enjoy so much make an announcement like this I start screaming and begging them to reconsider. But today I'm feeling the same way you are so I fully understand the need for a break, even a good long one. I do hope you come back, though, I so value knowing you through this blog and contemplating your always interesting thoughts.

Your wife's sense of self in the planning and execution of that party are amazing to me. She seems devoid of the kind of neuroses I know too well. And yet I totally relate to the thing about "realizing our promise." I also wonder if there are people out there who don't feel that way.

Enjoy your "time off!"

Richard Lawrence Cohen

Take as long as you need, David, and have fun doing it. Thanks too for your characteristically insightful recent posts on birthdays and aging. Later, dude.


Life is more important. There will be time enough for blogging later on.


Take care, David. I'll still stop by from time to time to see if you've returned. And who knows ... maybe I'll take a break sometime soon too : )


Time off here is time spent elsewhere, maybe later we will benefit from the break. Go out and let the sunshine in your face and thank God for another day. Leo


i miss you and your blog. all the comments above are true and fair... but come back now!!! :) love you, sara



Oh... wait. I took a hiatus in january and it was wonderful.

So I guess I'll let you take it.

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