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Everyone in my family thinks i'm crazy because i have Internet Friends. I call you all my ~imaginary friends on the Web~.

Lately, i've been re-connecting w/old girlfriends from high school. We'll be getting together here at my house after Mass some Sunday pretty soon. This is such a weird but cool thing- i hope they can deal w/the laid back atmosphere of a farm home.

I guess anyone can talk to me- about anything. I've always attracted people who want to talk personally. It's too funny when my husband or Mom ask if i know the someone i've just been talking to, and i say- nope, haven't a clue who they are. It's the perma-grin :0).

Richard Lawrence Cohen



You are my friend.


Karen: I just **knew** I could talk to you!

Richard: You are indeed my friend. But did you crack up writing that? I sure did when I read it. There can't be another comment like yours, on any blog, anywhere. Can there?


Leery of generalizing about women and their capacity for intimate friendship, BUT---my female friends have told me some amazing, informative, and surprising things about themselves. I'm probably a little more reserved about what I confide. Penis is a word that doesn't even begin to describe that marvelous item--er, piece of meat--er, worker of magic--or as your grandma used to remark enviously, what a handy thing to have on a picnic. Vagina at least has a little mystery in the sound of the word. I think that teacher has a great imagination: keep your butt covered but let the words hang out in public.



I can't do it.

You are my friend, David.

And I have no problem meeting male friends who confide in me. I just don't confide back.

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