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Hi there,

This was a very touching post. First the quote you are analyzing is quite interesting and it relates to conversations TikkunGer and I have had about divine inspiration, coincidences, and that sort of thing. I personally believe, though I'm not sure if this is an organic belief or something someone somehow explained to me when I was young; I believe that G-d gives us multitudes of choices for every aspect of life. For each of those choices, there is already a predetermined outcome. You actually explain it quite more poignantly but I think we see things quite similar.

I think it's beautiful, and that your son is lucky, that your family does communicate, is honest, and sees that parents can't fix everything. Although I'm not a parent, I do teach high school kids and no matter how much I want to fix all problems, I know that more often than not, especially with kids in their teens, that this is when kids are supposed to be a little more independent and work through life's challenges.

Thank you for sharing this post. I did really enjoy it...and have a wonderful and meaningful Pesach.



What an honor to "meet" you! I've read a lot about you -- all good, of course. Thanks for the gracious comment.


There's a rhythm to that Talmudic sort of enigmatic aphorism. It's circular, like the beast who makes a circle of himself with his tail in his mouth. I believe that depression is both cyclical and self-limiting, though when it happens, time stops. You lose sensory acuity. Make yourself go to whatever person or place can offer you an outstretched hand to help you with the first tug up out of the well. It's true that we depressives understand but can't help someone else--strange but true. What I like abut the Talmud saying is that push-me-pull-you of active(choose)and passive (is led). Ay, there's the rub. The consequence of choosing isn't independence, it's bondage.
Keep on truckin', babe.
Con amore--Mom

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