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Thanks for posting this. The timing couldn't be better... I'm working on my first d'var for my bat mitzvah on the 17th. If you are around, you are welcome swing by my shul (Emanuel in Edgewater) and cringe as I chant Torah for the very first time.

As I stare at my blank word doc, I realize how much work it must be for pulpit rabbis to come up with this stuff every single week. What an amazing skill!


Leah: Please feel free to borrow liberally -- I'd be honored to think this was actually useful to someone!

I would love to come to your bat mitzvah, but the daughter of a good friend is having hers the same day.

What's on your wish list?


Like any 13 year old, I want to kiss Jacob during the couple's skate, a new bicycle with a banana seat and a pink satin jacket... oh wait, but I'm not actually 13.

My real wish list is very boring--books, havdalah set, MacBook, and an electrician to fix my baseboard heating.

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