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I cannot believe who i am supposed to be most like- i'm speechless(& kinda freaked and sad).

Bill Clinton would be a compliment to me.



First, remember not to take these things too seriously.

And second: spill the beans!!


Oh crap, I'm Bill Clinton too. I guess it could be worse. I also took the "What classic film are you?" test and got "Apocalypse Now." No way!


OK- i'll whisper in your ear... hitler.

How the hell does one not take THAT too seriously? I still don't know why- well, it may have something to do w/my ~paranoia for disaster~. Hey- i had an alcoholic Dad and a schizo bro...

I'm just really embarrassed- i'd much prefer to be a nympho, too, even if just a small one :0).


um, yeah, i'm saddam. "the toughest on the block and not afraid of confrontation". truth, but treatment.


... you didn't comment on that, David.


Karen: sorry -- I stay away from the computer for (most of) Shabbat -- but I've thought about it, and here's what I have to say about it.
a) This is a really stupid and simplistic but funny test.
b) It focuses on things like how much control you like in your life and then makes a cartoon out of it.
c) Take the test again. You'll get different questions and get a different result.
d) We all know and love you better than that.


I could cry w/relief- probably will.

The answer caught me completely off-guard. Maybe there's a deeper meaning for it- I'll take the test again.


Now i feel better. Abraham Lincoln.


sail on

I came out as Gandhi (which will have my siblings ROTFL'ing) so I am not going to tempt fate or my saintly aura by trying again.


Din (aka "Sail on"): I think your result got mixed up with Karen's first test (see above)! Nyuk nyuk.

Seth Chalmer

I got Lincoln too, but that's no surprise to me; we share a birthday.

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