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Have you read Jewish With Feeling yet? In it, the rabbi writes that Jews (and Rabbis in particular) owe a debt of gratitude to eastern teachers.

So many Jews were poisoned with anger after the Shoa, that it became hard to really teach Torah. Young Jews turned away from the anger and turned to eastern religions. Those teachers weren't angry, helped connect these Jews to source/force, then many of them returned to Judaism.

While my path to Judaism didn't include a stop in Tibet, I can certainly appreciate the part of the journey it was for so many of my friends.



Funny you should mention it. I'm near the end of Rabbi Schachter-Shalomi's book right now. He knows more than just about any living person about the lively interplay (and intersection?) between Buddhism and Judaism. While Rabbi Tatz might find Reb Schachter-Shalomi's views heretical, I think the Rebbe has done a lot to help contemporary Western Jewry see the meditative wisdom that can emerge from Jewish practice.

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