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Hi, David!!!

I appreciate all the work and thought you've put into this post. i'm pretty ignorant, but still love listening to all the possible outcomes of one person=one vote.

It sounds like the 2nd e-mail author has his shtuff together, eh? I wouldn't appreciate that outcome(as a Conservative):0).

Do you feel there is anti-Semitism on the Left? Moreso than the Right? Sometime check out (oops) for a supportive Conservative blog and friend of Israel.

I saw a program on the Evangelicals going Green in places like West Virginia and thereabouts. It seems that the Right is getting more liberal, at least on the enviroment. I'm pretty green and have to go down cellar now to pile my alternative energy source. No, not cow chips.

Take care and think of the impact of the 2nd e-mailer's breakdown and how that would affect our dynamics in the world and also in our country. Israel deserves the support of the US against terrorism. Plain&simple. I don't think moving there is required to support them, but- i overspeak as i am not Jewish. I think any help given is appreciated.


I think this whole argument is premised upon the belief that what the U.S. Government does to "support" Israel, is actually good for Israel.

And I don't buy that.


What would be the alternative, Vikki?

And, what we think is support, what the American people are told- and what is really happening behind the scenes- may be two different things.

What would be good for Israel, IMhumbleO, would be for certain countries to stop the hate talk and the manuevering to ~whipe them off the map~. How does one get to that point- polite discourse? It seems kinda past that.

How much say does one have in all this foeign policy? As much as one vote for a Congressman/Senator & what they say. i've got Bernie Sanders running for Senate up here this yr- ugh. He kisses Chavez's Totalitaian hinders to get ~free oil~ for the poor. Big man.


Vikki: Interesting point.
Karen: It's going to be very hard to stop the "hate talk" in some of the other countries you're talking about. The only thing that's proven to work is a very strong military, and the willingness to use it -- and even that, as we saw this summer, is no guarantee.

Which isn't to say that talking is out. I want my representative in the House to be an educated realist, not just on Israel, but on housing, healthcare, the environment; on terror, on the deplorable state of our political landscape; on the economy, and on our individual civil liberties and the need to protect them. In these areas, too, dialogue is a must, in this increasingly polarized world.

Sometimes, a politician's experience is a weakness. In Mark Kirk's case, I think it's a strength.


You mentioned Seals "not living in the district."

He lives in Wilmette. According to his campaign's website, it is 1.5 blocks outside the district boundary and was gerrymandered out of the district.

This contrasts with Kirk, who (again, according to Seals' site) has lived in his DC home since 1984 and when he initially ran for office used his mother's Illinois home as his own address.

I feel more comfortable with Seals. The guy's been to Israel, went to JCC and Camp Chi, etc.

I hear the Pro Kirk poster on the occasional Dem with poor pro-Israel cred, but net-net I just feel more comfortable with the Dems' bedfellows than the Republicans'. A lot of the GOP *party line* (as to opposed to what some isolated elements in the party might say) gives me the creeps.

fed up

Seals was gerrymandered out of the district by who the. Ill democrats are the ones who drew the boundries, you have to do better than that. Maybe seals could run against. his congresperson you know the one with the husband that was just convicted of federal crimes that Im sure didnt help er campaign fund


We don't need the Chicago Democrat Machine expanding their power base North. Seals is a machine politician who will just force us in some way, shape, or form to pay more for Chicago's corruption.

Vera Similitude

Mark Kirk is most certainly NOT a "good congressman". He's was a CIA agent in 2004 when he was in the House, which is a conflict of interest. He likes to hide his CIA past. I'm not comfortable with the secret police making my laws! WHO thinks it's a good idea to put people in jail for twenty years for selling pot? Mark Kirk does! He also believes in betraying our elected leader by slandering him to the Chinese government.
I'd vote for a donkey over Kirk.

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