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Danny Miller

At least those shows are funny. What I'd really worry about is if they were listening to those right-wing lunatics on radio talk shows.

I've never let "age appropriateness" enter into my daughter's cultural education. We watched "The Graduate" together when she was six (gulp!) and at seven her favorite song was the one sung by the junkie hooker in "Rent." On the other hand, we're both big fans of "The Sound of Music," doesn't that balance everything out?

(You should watch everything on TiVo and fast forward through the commercials which are the only real enemy.)

Cynthia Samuels

Coming right after Danny, I think the TiVo idea is great. The only thing I would add is that they have a new, free service called KidZone that lets you record programs you think are appropriate for your kids and lock out the rest - both live and recorded.
Someone with the perspective of this site would probably appreciate suggestions of GOOD shows even more that the control of viewing. KidZone actually provides suggested viewing for each age group -- from three different groups with a variety of perspectives -- both sides of the Lakoff paradigm. Full Disclosure - I do some work for TiVo but I am writing this because I love the idea of this service . I raised two boys I can see where it would have been useful -- especially for working parents who can't always be there after school.

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