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I thought the Stones were fine. (I didn't watch the game, just the 3-song concert).Actually, I thought the Stones look amazingly healthy. Jagger looks like a fit 40-year-old, except for the Dorian Gray visage. Keith Richards seems to be getting younger all of a sudden. What bothered me was that first the powers-that-be couldn't get the sound mix right (no guitars audible), and then they actually censored the lines "you'd make a dead man come" and "I used to be your favorite rooster, now I'm just one of your cocks." It's OK for commercials to be sexed up, but the free bits have to be sanitized. What a sick, twisted culture.


But see, that's exactly my point: you're not meant to listen to the music, you're meant to marvel at how fit they look. Which, from a distance and with help, they do.

But since when was that the point? It's all refracted through so many weird cultural lenses and biases, it's really absurd. If no one had ever heard of these guys, they'd have been booed off the stage.

Richard Lawrence Cohen

"Our penchant for being restless without exploring, for being hyper without being creative, and being hip without being imaginative. Let's keep doing the same thing over and over, only bigger! Louder! Our national ADHD on display." You nailed it good and proper, David.

On the other hand, I like Keith's recent riposte to his critics, "I intend to get a lot older and more wrinkled."

Meanwhile, let's all go to our CD shelves and listen to our copies of OUT OF OUR HEADS and AFTERMATH and BEGGAR'S BANQUET and...and...and...

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