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"the wall between them becomes opaque"

I think you mean translucent. If it was opaque, nothing would penetrate.

I loved your previous post, by the way. It reminded me of the early morning joy of writing, touched with fear, like going out in a boat before dawn.


Oops. Translucent, yeah.

So much for the writing life . . .


Point of View is vastly overrated. Not in writing, where it's essential, but in the pursuit of mindful living, where it becomes a trap.

This is an important truth. Otherwise the world becomes so very cold and small, and instead of friends, one ends up with mirrors.

Who wants to hug a mirror?


Hey, Toronto is crawling with my orthodox relatives, if you see any redheads tell them you're my blogging mishpocha. Wish I could attend the talk, sounds fascinating. Any chance of a podcast?


A podcast is a great idea.

Danny, I saw a redhead mashgiach here in Houston. What a sight those red payos were!


"Atheists and fundamentalists, and everyone in between, hold a particular place in our spiritual ecosystem. Attempts to eradicate or humiliate or convert each other are bad for the environment."

Except how do you reconcile a religion that requires of the devout to eradicate those who do not believe? Christians and Muslims (for example) who believe in tolerance may arguably (very arguably) be practicing the spirit of their religion, but they most definitely are not practicing the letter.

Believers like those who flew the planes on 9/11 are not guilty of believing wrongly, but too well, I think.


Vikki: too true. The problem with organized religion is that it builds a power structure -- a bureaucracy of faith -- around a radical idea. The unholy combination of a radical idea, and a structure meant to protect and propagate it, is that it can become highly combustible. Nuclear, even.

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