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That sounds like the Borders in which I've ended up in a Chicago-suburb Borders at least twice upon getting lost, and the one we visit after our occasional long-distance trek to Ikea.

I'm sure that's just a coincidence, but I got this vivid "visual" in my mind when you described the area.


I support this playing hooky 100 percent, what a great idea! I often work at Borders too, how great to have a free reference library at your fingertips. But I can't stand it when they blare music. Why are we so afraid of little QUIET? I am anxious to read this book you're writing, it is such an important topic!


The writing process is such a mystery! You need to not write in order to write. You need to order your thoughts by not thinking them. You need what I've always called avoidance technique in order to face whatever it is inside you that's whispering or screaming or sighing to emerge.

Cepp Hopp the good work!



You go, girl-- I mean, man. Write that book! Love you. M.

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