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I didn't know many of those were words. Excuse my ignorance; my trepid ways have rendered me lacking in couth.

Richard Lawrence Cohen

Remind me not to play Scrabble with you.


It's A Word A Day.

I get it too. The theme is weekly, but the newsletter is daily. You literally get a word a day, every day, with all sorts of intriguing info about it. This is done by a guy named Anu Garg, who's just published his second book.

In the early days in NY when we roomed together, Sara and I had a list posted of what we called "obsolete positives." In addition to the above (which I still don't quite believe are licit words -- we didn't care if ours were, and in fact thought it was funnier if they weren't), we had ept and ert and chalant and nocuous. We had quite a list.

I posted about it, way ahead of Anu Garg:

And then there's this:

(Wish you'd enable HTML in your comments.)


Purrfect for Scrabble. I'll let my nephew know. Hurrah!


Love it! My sister and I still frequently use the word "nile" to describe someone who is not "senile."

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