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Menachem Begin ASKED TO MEET YOU? Oy! Between that and getting to meet Princess Grace on the same tour, I think you should still be traveling the world raising your voice in song. What was the solo? Do you still sing much around the house? (As for being tagged, I'll consider it but as you can see I'd rather ASK 10 questions...)


Wow, the Begin story makes my "made a latte for Travolta" story seem trivial by comparison!


Hey! I just saw this, David! I will immediately put my thinking cap on for random things about me. Thanks for thinking of me.

And I really miss Nappy 40. Sad, sad, sad.

Richard Lawrence Cohen

Great list, David, but someday you should really fix #6.

I'm going to avoid your tag by linking to a May, 2005 post of mine that listed ten things about me:

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