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Stay on strike; you're not missing anything. Unless, of course, you're dreaming of knocking a wall down in your house like I am -- you might want the DIY channel.


The commercials, the half-time shows, the fatuous interviews, the blather. .

One word: TiVo. I couldn't watch t.v. without it.

Oh, one more word: NetFlix. You haven't watched a t.v. series until you've watched in on DVD without commercials and at your own pace.


My kids will all be writing their college applications about their personal tragedy: growing up in a house without cable. They expect it to win them sympathy points big time.

"Deadwood" is an acquired taste
but somehow I acquired it. (And you can rent the first season.) Try it.


Well, I don't do Tivo because I would lose my east coast feeds, and I am addicted to being able to watch SNL at 8:30 before I go out on Saturday nights.

I agree about Netflix, though. It rules. You can't get porn, but you can get most tv shows, even oldies-but-goodies like the Mary Tyler Moore show.

David, if you never watched 6 Feet Under, you must get it on DVD. Fucking brilliant show. In a nutshell, the theme of the show is "Enjoy those brief moments of happiness, however deluded, when you can, because life is one long clusterfuck and what you thought yesterday was true and good you will discover today to be shit." It's like Hamlet was reborn in modern day Los Angeles and decided that meeting the gravedigger was such a seminal moment in his life that he had to write a tv series about it.


You *must* know you're just asking for a Danny Miller
here, don't you? And I can't wait to hear what he has to say ...

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