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Go back far enough, and I'm Posy Pearson. Not bad! Some later possibilities are Bab-O Kenwood (Bab-O was a parakeet before your time), Inky 50, Joy 50 (Joy Farmer as a variation) Yum-Yum Woodlawn . . .

J's would be Tuffi Flowers . . .

Vikki aka Marshmallow Morning Glory

Oh, you guys are bringing back memories of some former neighbors of mine! These guys had the "bad house" on the block, with knee-high weeds and redwood planters filled with Miller High Life cans and Kool menthol butts. Occasionally a badminton net would appear in the front yard, go unused, and then disappear again. Anyway, these guys had a run-down grip truck, and I figured that's how they made their living - doing freelance grip work on non-union productions. Common enough around here. So anyway, sometimes they would set up those silver umbrellas that photographers use outside their living room windows, and there would be a sort of craft service table in their driveway, along with various other signs of filming, but that's not really unusual in LA, and I figured, well, so what, they're making a film. So's my drycleaner. So what?
Well, one day, this white Stingray parks in front of my house, and I watch this woman get out, and she's wearing, you know, your basic Sunset Blvd. working gear, i.e. thigh-high hoochie boots and a knit mini dress with zippers placed in what I can only describe as "attention-getting" places, and my then-husband walks by and I say "Look at that actress. I can't believe she's dressed like that." Hubbie gives me the "that's funny" look. I say, "I mean it. What kind of actresses are they hiring, anyway?" He says "Porn actresses, of course." Me: "What?" Him: "Honey, come on, they're obviously shooting porn." Me: "Across the street? Him: "What did you think?" Me: "I thought they were making an independent film."

It seemed like he would never stop laughing. When he did, he reminded me that we did live in the San Fernando Valley, which is, in case you don't watch HBO, the Porn Capital of the World.

So if you need any help with your porn name, feel free to call on me, or my boyfriend, Specky North Street.


Mine would be - (wait for it)-
Pushkin El Habana.

Reminds me of a game we played in college - design your own blues name; model: Blind Lime Jefferson. ie, Physical disability + fruit + president. For complete instructions, see:

Tom Strong

Mine is the rather transgender name of China Sullivan.

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