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David, I love your vacation posts, not only because I share many of those feelings but also because I so admire your ability to share them without a shred of guilt. I'd probably have convinced myself that the free all-you-can-eat buffet automatically took away my kvetching rights. Then I'd bury my negative thoughts and keep telling everyone what a great time I was having, my voice getting more shrill with every utterance.

And what a great dream!

Jean Gottlieb

A REAL vacation should turn you outward into some fascinating, challenging, or curious aspect of the world, yourself, or life that is new to you. What a pity to be shackled to a bunch of self-involved and small-bore (& I DO mean bore)people.It would be character-building if you could adopt Just Say No as your mantra. I yawn for you! Think of all the interesting things you could've been doing here. Love, Ma


Yeah - the dream was spectacular. I just read a terrific post about "vacation" stuff. Check it out if you like!

And come home soon! I did!

Richard Lawrence Cohen

That's some smart mom you've got there, David.

And welcome back.

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