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"My co-author on Letters to a Buddhist Jew, Rabbi Dr. Akiva Tatz"

Holy cr*p, that's you? I just saw that in a Judaica store, and skimmed it.


Yeah... that's me. "Skimming" is probably the best way to read the book. It can be heavy going. And I have a feeling you'd get indigestion from it. But actually, I really hope you'll read it. I'd be fascinated by your take on it.


I mostly flipped through it reading whatever paragraph caught my eye. Nothing I saw made me want to buy it, and I distinctly remember being annoyed. Meaningless thoughts given how little of it I actually read. If I ever read it, I'll be sure to take notes and write a full review. Until then, youcan safely discard ny nascent opinion on it.


David, I have many thoughts/opinions about this and hope to blog on it one of these days in-depth. Am so glad you've brought it up. It is exhausting to be self-reflective isn't it?



Self-reflective is one thing. Self-absorbed is another. Hope I'm not over the line! Judaism is a slippery slope that way. Funny thing is: so is Buddhism, but mostly for Western Buddhists, who think they're being selfless when all they're doing is meditating on themselves.


You only translated the -doxy part of orthodoxy. The "ortho" part, i think, means "straight" or "right," as in orthodontia and orthopedics. So everybody not only has their own little opinions, but everybody thinks theirs are right. Haven't you ever heard anyone going around talking about the need to "straighten out" others?


Dear Ann-Sister: Right you are.

"Make straight in the desert a highway for our God, Every valley shall be exalted and every mountain and hill shall be made low, and the crooked places shall be made straight and the rough places smooth." (Isaiah 40:3-4)

In other words, get things "Ortho" -- here comes God!

Richard Lawrence Cohen

Iris Murdoch says somewhere that a dog turd, if viewed with full and devoted attention, can glow with the light of eternity. (She says it better than that.) That's why people can achieve wisdom by following orthodoxies, and that's why Zen doesn't care what else you follow besides Zen.

Richard Lawrence Cohen

Holy dog turd, I found it! THE SEA, THE SEA (her best novel), p, 430, near bottom, of the Penguin paperback:

"If even a dog's tooth is truly worshipped it glows with light."

From the context, I gather it may have been said earlier in the book too.

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