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I love the Blogliebs or Jewish Kings - whatever! I wish my family would read you and learn how to take parts of the "liebness" into their ways!


Great first post on your nephew's blog. Very moving, how lucky those students of his are. Oy, just perusing that list of books he's currently reading--we always knew you Hyde Park Jews were smarter than us North Side Jews. You guys were discussing Chaucer and Spinoza and playing pranks on Milton Friedman while we were watching "I Dream of Jeannie" and eating endless SuperDawgs. Is it just because you lived near the University of Chicago while we lived near Riverview and its "Palace of Wonders" Freak Show?

Meanwhile I need to sign some Gottliebs to write Heinemann books. There are so many of you we could start a new imprint!


Hey, temples and churches are full of agnostics. Just because I "whine" about not understanding the blog phenomenon doesn't mean I want to be "left behind" if it really does mean something. It's called hedging your bets.


Dearest Brother: Having one blog is hedging your bets. Having two blogs while saying you don't get it is trying to have it both ways.

You should change your blog initials to "BTW" -- for both "by the way" and "born to whine."


Or, as pertains to you, "Bite This, Wanker."


The possibilities for you are endless, now that I think of it:

Bitter Teaching Weasel
Bitchy Time Waster
Balding, Thick Warthog
Bad, Tasteless Writer
Brother, The Worse
Brittle Tech Wonk
Big-Toed Weevil
Born to (fill in the blank) worry, wait, wish, wash the dishes, ...

More later
Your Loving Brother

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