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I have to say that some of my blogging was more painful than "blissful" this weekend, but I know what you mean and I a) love the way you describe us and b) love being one of your favorites!

My problem with the SuperBowl is that I genuinely don't know what's going on. I was not brought up on the culture of American football so that most of the jargon, "plays," analysis of the game etc. just fly way over my head. I sit in the room and after a short while I hear only a mild sort of humming in the background, and the bodies running and tumbling up and down the field make no sense to me.

Sometimes I like to watch the commercials but they really were not that great yesterday - even to laugh at!

And yes, I did turn to blogging, rather, on more important matters! And yes, I enjoyed your "take" on it today - very much!


I loathe the Super Bowl. Can you imagine what could be done with the money used to purchase one thirty-second spot on that show? Leah and I spent Super Bowl Sunday at a special screening of "Fiddler on the Roof" at the American Cinematheque in Hollywood where we got to meet the gifted Art Director. (Soon to be a posting on my blog!) I'm sure there are some analogies to be drawn between the goings-on in Anatevka and on the football field but I'll leave that to more ambitious Jewish sports writers! I can identify more with pasty-faced Mottel the Tailor than I can with a New England Patriot!

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