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D-- This is great! Your thoughts on snoring in particular are insightful. If snoring does scare away predators, as you say, I have some very powerful genes in parts of my immediate family. Unfortunately, it seems to be passed through the maternal line, from mother to daughter...

Yehoshua Karsh

I believe you have demonstrated a gradual, reverse , evolution. We begin as humans and almost imperceptibly, tansform into apes.


Wow. Maybe as we elevate spiritually, we have to go through some kind of cosmic check-and-balancing act... so, Rabbi Karsh, have we formed a theory of Cruel Design?

Richard Lawrence Cohen

Great last line!

More seriously, have you ever been checked out for sleep apnea?


No, and I probably should. I've looked into a variety of torture devices for keeping my airway open. The thought of any one of them is enough to keep me up all night. In which case, my wife finally would get a good night's sleep.

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