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Are you sure this post belongs in "health"??


Should I clarify and add "Mental Health" to the categories??


I just got winded walking from my refrigerator to my computer, I am beyond impressed that you are sprinting up the John Hancock--impressed and DEpressed since we are exactly the same age.

Love the Milton Friedman story. Quite a building! Did you go trick-or-treating in Saul Bellow's apartment?

You and your sister keep mentioning new siblings on your blogs--how many of you are there? What are you, the Jewish King Family?


I remember 6 siblings. Am I right?


Danny: Sprinting, this ain't. It's sort of a trudge. Think of Burl Ives singing "Sixteen Tons" and you've got about the right pace. My goal (and a way to distract myself from the agony of having, say, 87 floors left) is to go for 10 floors every two minutes (slightly different from 5 floors a minute...?!). I'm really not looking forward to this.

Ancient Mariner

I did wonder why suddenly Milton Friedman no longer lived there.

After a flooded basement in that same building, I moved our locker from the ground floor upward to the next level. It was unlocked, but there were a few papers belonging to Saul Bellow's son.

Sometime later I told Mr. Bellow that there was a box of his in my locker. He replied that he was pretty sure he had a locker.

We still have that locker, and like Friedman, Bellow no longer lives there.

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