One-Line Bio

writer, affordable housing developer, father and stepfather, meditator, wistful White Sox fan.


Born and raised in a classical, and clasically, Reform Jewish family in Chicago in the 1960's, the author counts his circumcision at Michael Reese Hospital as the height of his Jewish education. A second attempt at marital bliss was made with an observant Jew, accomplished musician, and cantor. All the right steps -- adult confirmation, adult bar mitzvah, recircumcision (of the heart) -- failed to quench spiritual search. Said search led to an intense excursion into Zen Buddhism, where, seated in meditation, the author confronted, then embraced his Jewish neshama. This blog is for the spiritually, politically, culturally and emotionally curious, adventurous and open.


Meditation, baseball, self-flushing toilets, architecture, Oscar Peterson, nanotechnology, Judaism, affordable housing, cities, the Adirondacks, Emma Thompson, writing, the Gulf Coast of Florida, historic preservation, Family Guy.