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Yeah, and half my 100,000 audience is people who either get off on the idea of Catholics (or popes) masturbating, or want to show us all how Jesus can save us from masturbating. We'll have to do a show just for them.

When YOU get mad, you sound like . . . no, that doesn't rhyme. When you set of da bomb, you sound like Mom.


Yes, yes, yes, you two MUST start up this podcast or blogcast or whatever it will be called! It'll be the first one that I regularly download onto my iPod.

(And this is the first comment I've ever simultaneously posted on two blogs--you Gottliebs always stretch my technological savvy...)


I don't even own an ipod ... but I'd tune in for sure. What will you call the show?

Harry gottlieb

Do you mean that when angry her eyes turn brown?


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